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Interior Door

INTERIOR DOORS by WB Bradenton Window Replacement Pros

WB Bradenton Window Replacement Pros offers a variety of interior doors that will surely make the home style of your dreams more achievable. Interior doors are more than just a functional unit in every house, it also adds a decorative aspect to your home. And so, we offer beautiful selections of interior doors all over the city of Bradenton, as well as the areas within the vicinity.
Choosing the right interior doors will increase the aesthetic value of your home. In WB Bradenton Window Replacement Pros, we will make sure your home style needs are met without overcharging you for every transaction.

DIFFERENT DOOR STYLES by WB Bradenton Window Replacement Pros

Perhaps the most common type of door are the hinged doors. They are your basic doors that can open outward or inward with technical attachment to a three-side frame. At this point, these doors have already become classic when it comes to interior door designs.

Pocket doors are sliding doors but with a compartment in the adjacent wall. It slides into a slot built directly into the wall. This makes it a space-saving type of door, especially for small spaces that lack the wall space for a complete swing door.

interior pocket door in Bradenton Florida from WB Bradenton Window Replacement Pros

Barns doors are installed with the wall and mechanism for a slide back and forth through a mounting hardware such as the track. The track is often a black line located in front of an entranceway or doorway. This door style is ideal for rustic-themed homes.

French doors are visually appealing doors with glass panes throughout its lengths. They are beautiful and high-end options that will fit your home aesthetic, especially if you are going after a sophisticated and elegant look. Moreover, because it’s built with glass, the rooms are automatically brighter, larger, with more of a classic feel.

interior french door in Bradenton Florida from Wb Bradenton Window Replacement Pros